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Friday, June 7, 2013

Paris Jackson attempted suicide

If you haven't heard, the 15 years old daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Paris had attempted suicide.

This photo shows her with her brother, Prince


Paris Jackson, the most sensitive of all Jackson's kids?


Just two days ago Michael Jackson’s only daughter, Paris, did something any average teenage girl would do. She posted a lengthy video of herself applying makeup for all to see. Forty-eight hours later, the 15-year-old was being rushed from her family’s home to a nearby hospital after a possible suicide attempt.

Sources close to the Jacksons confirm that the 15-year-old was taken by stretcher from the home she shares with her grandmother and two brothers, after family members found her passed out in her room. The 911 call from inside the Jackson residence indicated that it may have been a drug overdose, while sources at the hospital say the young girl had multiple cuts on her wrists. The cuts didn’t appear to be fresh.

Even more disturbing is the suggestion that this wasn’t her first attempt at suicide.

“She’s given the family a scare before,’’ said a close family friend. “All of Michael’s kids have had a rough time since their dad died, but Paris is the most sensitive of the three. She takes everything to heart, and the last year of family strife hasn’t given her much time to regroup or heal.’’

Paris’s last tweet on Tuesday posted a lyric from “Yesterday,” a song by the Beatles. “Yesterday all my troubles seem so far away now it looks though they are here to stay,’’ she wrote.

Well, she is currently physical well...the family is asking for a respect of their privacy....


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