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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Man of Steel

Some called it the most anticipated movie of the decade...some are saying that it will be the "most dullest superhero" attempt to get it right this "Man of Steel", with the British actor, Henry Cavill as the latest guy in the red cape and blue pyjamas. 

Man of Steel

Well, we all know how well the last reboot of "Superman returns"....and when I said "well", I mean real bad...grossing a disappointed $200 million domestically (not forgetting the budget was at $270 million). It was widely viewed as a boring and forgettable movie.

Superman, celebrating his 75th anniversary this year has become more of an icon and flagship character but on the big screen, the superhero fails to connect with the audience like he used to in the 1930s. Probably it is not the superhero that has changed but maybe it was the audience that is no longer the same. 

He hasn't been so relevant since the 1940s and is probably a bit difficult to understand and relate to a guy from outer space who doesn't have the same problem as ordinary people do. 

However, let's hope that for some reason, a production of Christopher Nolan and the cast like Henry Cavill will help to revive this superhero....

Well, this looks like a job for Superman.
The job: Saves Superman!!

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