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Monday, June 10, 2013

After Earth

If you are one of those who is interested to know what might happen to the human race and the Earth after all what we have done to pollute and destroy the Earth, then After Earth might just offer you another perspective that what might happen to the Earth and the human race in the future.

A millennium after cataclysmic events that forced the human race escape the Earth to another planet, Nova Prime, a crash landing leaves Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) and his father Cypher Raige (Will Smith) stranded in a planet their ancestors used to call home. The movie starts with the scene inside a spaceship crashing.

Then, it is back to three days ago where Kitai Raige was not promoted to become a Ranger, as a welcoming gift for his father, General Cypher Raige and was disappointed although he truly believe that he in fact outperform his father. It is definitely not going to be a happy and joyful welcoming dinner and father and son had some argument, and Cypher decided to patch up by bringing Kitai to the next "business" trip.

And then, off they go, into the spaceship heading to another planet, and  then halfway stumble upon the asteroid storms which then force the spaceship to crash landing to the now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. The event separate the tail and the head of the spaceship and split some of the Rangers as well as killing some, leaving Kitai and his father, who was injured.

With Cypher injured, Kitai must travel alone to the tail of the spaceship to get the backup emergency device to send the signal to across the universe for rescue team. Kitai has always wanted to be a Ranger like his father and finally he get the chance to prove his worth. Throughout the journey though, Cypher will be there to look out for Kitai, should there be any danger and advice him on what to do.

Overall, I found that the plot is kind of slow - to the extent dull and bored. And my friend and I agree on one thing, the Earth seems like a better place without human being. Jaden Smith acting is terrible, I believe Will Smith back out to give Jaden more opportunity to perform, but if Jaden is serious about his acting career, I do hope that he improve.

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