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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man of Steel [Review]

If you have yet to watch the Man of Steel on the Big Screen, you are missing something big. The world most famous superhero is back in an evolutionary manner...the S that is known as Superman is not an's a Krypton language that means hope.

The beginning of the movie was amazing.

Snyder and Nolan have modified the beginning of the story so that a primal clash has been designed into the narrative from the get-go. The planet Krypton is dying, due to environmental issues. Dignified soldier-statesman Jor-El rails against mismanagement of the planet's resources; he is played by Russell Crowe. Zod uses the crisis to launch a failed mutiny against the planet's revered leaders. After some amazing fighting scenes, we also get to see how Jor-El and wife, Lara sent their baby boy, Kal-el to a much younger planet, Earth.

The child arrived on Earth and it was clever of how the director uses some narrative flashback to tell the tale of Clark growing up. There was some introduction to character like Pete, Lana but no where to be seen is the famous Lex Luthor. It wasn't long before the introduction of Lois Lane...who was quick to follow on the trail of Clark, after being saved by him.

Lois Lane is a pretty supercilious star journalist, on the trail of the Man of Steel ever since rumours of his adolescent feats of strength started to leak out, and prone to temper tantrums with her editor, Perry White, played by Laurence Fishburne. "I'm a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter!" she yelps. "Then act like it!" booms Perry. That, of course, is what Amy Adams thinks she's doing, but her role is sketchily conceived in this fanboy creation.

Then, the invasion of General Zod and his army for Kal-el began and it was a time for Clark to trust the human race or not?

Shannon does what he does as Zod, and this role has reasserted this actor's virtual monopoly on scary-with-a-touch-of-integrity roles. Then the movie suddenly become a fighting game....with all those movement and fighting scene, one must applaud the 3D technology.

Well, there was one scene that really captured my heart though...the moment where Clark test his limits by was almost real...the way he tried to make a giant leap, and trying to control his flying ability....definitely making 3D a much better choice for this movie.

Sadly, there was not much romantic moment between Lois Lane and Superman...and let's be honest....Henry Cavill is a good looking Superman but his lack of humor convinces me that Christopher Reeve remains the best Superman on the Big screen.

Well, overall, it was a great remake...a lot of initiative and ideas have been put into this movie. Great effort to show this is a 21st-century superhero who must steel himself against the agonies of being misunderstood by the people he is trying to help. Man of Steel indeed....sometimes you must take the leap of faith. That's a big word.

The movie ain't bad but probably too much expectation is there....I guess at the end of the day, Man of Steel is still an entertaining superhero movie, with a lot of great action it on 3D to get all the effect!!



Toh Jason Kian Teck said...

The soundtrack of the movie also very catchy.

Anonymous said...

Stop using flowery words.

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