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Friday, April 4, 2008

Sweeny Todd

The Demon Barber....sounds scary and the songs fit in nicely for this musical. I like the voice of Johnny Depp also...it bring out that evil and vengeance in the man that has to go through so much pain....so much so that he become a Demon himself.
The introduction of the MUSICAL was very much like THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Basically if you like Phantom of the Opera, this musical songs should suit you well as well. Although the vocal of the singers are definitely much more different but it is lively at times and evil when it is needed to be. The vocal of the ladies are not that exciting compare to the guys....PRETTY WOMAN is a nice one....a good mixture between the Judge and Sweeny Todd.
Well, if you like something that is different, this MUSICAL songs must be one of those in the list.

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