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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[Review] Taken 3

Ex-government operative Bryan Mills starting to show his age in this third installment of the Taken series - I can swear that I heard his panting almost every breath taking scene, which makes the acting by Liam Neeson real.

In this series, Bryan Mills is hoping to reconcile with his ex-wife, Lenore St. John who is said to be not happy with her current husband. The reconciliation however cut short when she was brutally murdered. Bryan Mills was frame for the murder of Lenore and consumed with rage, he go on hiding to evade the CIA, FBI and the police and he intended to track down the murderer on his own with his skills.

It doesn't take long before he realized that the murderer is from the group of Russians, which then leads him to his ex-wife husband - and he interrogates him until he told how he was forced to cooperate with the Russians which might target Bryan's daughter, Kim. So, in order to protect his daughter while he revenge, he gets help from his friends to bring his daughter to where he can protect her while doing all the "dirty" work. Only after he almost exact justice for his wife, Bryan Mills realized that he and the Russians were played by Stuart to get the insurance money

Overall, I would say that Taken 3 doesn't really share much similarity between the first two installment, but Taken 3 has something fresh although I'm not really surprise by the ending as it is clearly shown half way in the movie. With action packing from the beginning Bryan go into hiding till the end, I would say that this movie is entertaining - although some of the escape doesn't really make sense but well, it's a movie after all and it doesn't have to make sense.


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