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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It is really tough to be cynical about the new album of the hottest boyband ever, the BACKSTREET BOYS. It courts just about every popular music style and after the last four albums, they definitely are back with a HIT. In UNBREAKABLE, they have made a full-length album, a collection of strong singles in almost all the 14 songs (quite different and quite strong as well).
It is indeed an album that is with an actual reason to be bought.
Their numbers are left with four with Kevin Richardson departure from the group. Their gospel-tinge intro is fantastic. As this album is more or less the remake or do-over of the earlier album, Never Gone, they aim for a range of different styles and employ a similar range of songwriters for the purpose.
The best song though is written without the Boys' involvement. The track opening is great with "everything but mine", offering a lot of thrills with the confines of the radio singles. "Inconsolable" is more indicative of the group's recent material...a piano-led number with an obvious debt to Hanson.
Although "Something I already know" is a better choice for release in my point of view. The chorus is powerful and lyrics actually make sense and are pretty good.
The arrangements for the album is predictable, a BSB sort of music, but it is not really a problem. The best songs are loaded up front but it remains strong throughout the whole album.
Only a few are really disappointing such as "You can let go" and "Love will keep you up all night" as it is quite obvious that they are trying too hard to fit it in the boyband album. Definitely a nightmare to the listeners...."UNMISTAKABLE" is quite good to be heard but the over doing it electronics and vocal effects sort of distort it.
Minor complaints aside, this album could just be what it takes to lift the boyband back into the fray. Best pop album of the year so far? Kinda actually.

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