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Friday, April 4, 2008


Just rewatching the chinese movie, CONFESSION OF PAIN and I really fall in love with the way Tony Leong potrayed his character in the movie. No wonder he was the award winning actor in Hong Kong. Well, credit must be given to Takeshi Kaneshiro for his protagonist role in the movie.
It really amazed me how Hong Kong movies can be so complex and meaningful but not those from Malaysia. The idea of the movie was simple...revenge, anger and all. But I like it the way the movie make us think that sometimes evil might not be fully evil and goodness could be out of evil at times. It was necessary for me to watch it a few times cause I think it really shown how much pain could stir someone to act against RIGHTEOUSNESS.
It really made me wonder how and what it really means to be a Hero...not just to the world, or to the people who are lost but also to the people closest to us. So many times we ignore those who are closest to us and I think that the movie brought that up nicely.
A very wonderful movie indeed.
Thumbs up!!

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