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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lone Survivor [Review]

Yesterday I watched Lone Survivor with a friend after I read that the movie is based on a true story written by a retired United States Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell on the Operation Red Wings - and I got to admit, I really like the movie. The actions are so real, the pain, the injury are so real until sometimes I have to bite my teeth watching.

The movie begins by introducing the main casts of the story, Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg), Michael 'Mike' Murphy (Taylor Kitsch), Danny Dietz (Emile Hirsch), and Matt 'Axe' Axelson (Ben Foster) in the US Military base in Afghanistan and  not long after some brief introduction of the main characters, they were told to go for a briefing on a mission to capture or kill notorious al-Qaeda leader Ahmad Shahd.

And so the Operation Red Wings begin with the Marcus Luttrell and team reached the destination but having difficulty contacting the base and the team is expected to have communication problem. The team rest but after some time, some villagers appear and after discussed the team decided to release the villagers back to the village, knowing that the villagers will inform al-Qaeda and they will be hunt by the Taliban fighters.

The team set foot towards the peak to get the radio signal so that they can contact the base about their new location and so that the base will send the helicopter to pick them back to the base. However, Marcus and the team was stuck half way and then the Taliban fighters surrounded that area and so gun fight broke out between the Taliban fighters and the four United States Navy SEAL.

While the Taliban fighters are familiar with the area, Marcus and the team are not so familiar with the area and they were forced to jump off the rock and this scene is so real that while watching you can sort of feel the impact. But still, the Taliban fighters continue to hunt them down and finally they got Danny.

The three others decided to go back up to rescue Danny and while doing so, the plan change, and Mike decided to force his way to the peak to contact the base to rescue the remaining of his team members - and so he successfully did it, although get himself killed.

The officer in charge of operations fly two helicopters with two teams of the Navy SEAL, but without the Apache protection, one of the helicopter was shot down by the RPG when reaches the location and then the rescue operation abort as there is no safe landing spot.

Axe and Marcus were left there and they split out to fight their way to a safer spot and finally Axe used up his ammo and was killed by the Taliban fighters. Marcus hide until the spot is clear, he hike his way down where he met a Pashtunwali villager who took him back to his village and rescue him. Marcus ask the villager help to go to the US Military base so that they can send reinforcement and send him home.

The Taliban fighters never give up and they search the village and got Marcus and before they can execute Marcus, the villagers take their rifles and point to the Taliban fighters and ask them to leave the village and the Taliban fighters left the village, warning the villagers that they will get slaughtered.

Not long after that, the Taliban fighters coming back with an army of Taliban fighters attacking the village, while the US Military base confirmed of Marcus location and send reinforcement to the location and fight off the Taliban fighters.

Finally Marcus is safe and brought back to the base where he was treated - and of course after everything, he wrote a book on the incident, dedicated to his fallen brothers. 

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