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Sunday, January 5, 2014

She's the Man [Review]

The other day while I had nothing much to do, I decided to watch some old movies, preferably the comedy genre. I happened to find this movie: She's the Man. The title sound familiar but I forgot where I saw it before....after googling it, I realized that it was the movie by Amanda Bynes where she impersonate her twin brother so that she could played in the boys soccer team. 

Anyway, I never thought the movie would be good but I'm glad I watched it. It was indeed an awesome movie, with a lot of jokes and I got to admit, Amanda Bynes was good. Throughout the entire movie, Amanda Bynes was simply a lovable character. 

Bynes plays Viola, the twin sister of Sebastian (James Kirk), who at the start of the movie conveniently sneaks away to London for two weeks without telling anybody. Viola is the star of the girls' soccer team at Cornwall Prep, a school that seems to have enough money to supply every girl with her own soccer team. She thinks she's good enough to play for the boy's team, but her hopes are scorned, so she takes advantage of Sebastian's absence to take his place at nearby Illyria Prep, named after the country in Shakespeare's play. There she tries out for the soccer team.

Well, did Amanda pulled it off as a guy?

Amanda Bynes
I would be crazy to say she managed to convincingly play a role as a boy, but she plays a cute tomboy with short hair and how she keeps forgetting to talk low and then clears her throat. It was hilarious. 
(I have a few tomboy friends myself but none of them are as convincing as Amanda Bynes in the movie...that's how good it is....)

Can Amanda Bynes really play good soccer? Can she stays with the boys roommate, taking shower together and still not caught in the process? Well, not really but the movie did not emphasize on it and it was clever. She has a few close calls and acts fast. When the soccer coach started the training and announced a practice game between Skins and Shirts, she was quick to offer reasons (well, it's pretty lame excuses but it's good enough) why she should be a Shirt.

She's the man

Then, there is the roommate, Duke (played by Channing Tatum). There seem to be a crush between him and the school's most popular girl, Olivia (played by Laura Ramsey). Well, Viola (Bynes) had a crush on Duke in the process (partly due to the private conversation they had, when Bynes pretended to be her brother, Sebastian and of course, their first kiss at the "kissing booth"). 

Tatum is a little too old to play the role as high school kid but Bynes pass with excellent colours. She is funny, sunny and plucky....for some reasons, she just managed to find her ways to play this impossible role, in a way that makes the audience love her. 

The movie is good-natured and silly, and at the end there is a big soccer game during which both Viola and the real Sebastian are able to offer proof of their genders. Well, I felt that the PG-13 rating that cites nudity is far-fetched. There isn't any of those naughty bits in the movie....and yet, it's so good...funny and makes one had a good laugh.

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