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Friday, June 10, 2011

LADY GAGA is different

When "JUDAS" was released, there are those who love it and those who hate it. Christians condemn such a thing while Lady Gaga's fans proclaim it as fact, her fans also known as "little monsters" (as this is what they call themselves).

What makes Lady Gaga so special was probably not just the art that comes with her music but also the way she interacts with her fans. Well, Justin Bieber maybe a teenager hit, Barrack Obama might be the first black American President and even won a Nobel Prize but not even these two could have more Twitter followers than Lady Gaga....she has nearly 9.9 million followers. Her Twitter bio is only with two words long that is "Mother Monster" and so it makes sense why her fans are calling themselves as "little monsters".

We all know that she is talented and she has been rewarded with it....
The first artist to hit No. 1 on Billboard's Pop Songs chart with her first five singles...her spectacular presentation in Grammy awards (Can you imagine her arriving in a giant translucent egg, then hatch out of it for her performance? Nobody will forget such act)
And "Born This Way" video was amazing as hell...even got me captivated!!

Unlike any other music icon, she has forged an amazing relationship with her acolytes...she has LITTLE MONSTERS tattoed on her left arm. You can read about her declarations of love from her twitter ("Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song"...she tweeted after the released of "The Edge of Glory")...this is not is close to intimacy...What Lady Gaga is selling is a perfectly mannered is also adoration, appreciation and a tribal sense of protection. It is important to know that she is also committed to gay-rights causes, donating part of the proceeds from a remix of "Born This Way" to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

If you read about what her fans have been saying, she has been an inspiration in a lot of ways...inspiration to losing weight, to having more confidence etc. etc...Lady Gaga promised her father she would leave her right side of her body tattoo-free and many of her ink-stained fans are following in that direction.

When 17-year old Drew Tabor of LA posted her own solo acoustic performance of "Judas" on Youtube, Gaga linked it on Twitter (" the true meaning of the song," she wrote). That is the kind of relationship that Gaga has with her fans and in respond to that, Tabor says: She really shows me that it's O.K. to just be who you are, even if it's kinda weird.

Well, one thing for sure...LADY GAGA is different...not Britney, Rihanna, Bieber or any other pop stars could have such relationship with their fans...well, even if the show might come with a wig, more costumes and weird dances, we are sure that it will be a genuine performance and art for her "LITTLE MONSTERS"...

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