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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Just finish watching JUMPER today with my family.
It was awesome as it is a movie beyond our ordinary perception "JUMP". It is what I would call it as "a giant leap of IMAGINATION". The movie is about a young man named David Ricebowl, who has the ability to teleport himself to anywhere in the world that he imagines of.
Throughout the movie, JUMPER seems to be threatening to be more interesting and at times, it makes you wonder what is next.
The beginning of the movie show a great introduction to the main man of the movie. Raised by a single father after his mother, Mary Ricebowl who left the family when David was only 5 years old. During the high school days of David, he discovered of his ability and soon enough he was out on his own....(the first time he robbed a bank was awesome, especially for a 15 year old.)
But not all is well with JUMPING around, as a group of "PALADINS" were hunting down this rare breed....known as JUMPER and the only reason is to kill them all.
Their power is seen as an abomination to GOD....
I like the quotation..."only God should have the power to be around in one place at all times."

Well, this movie has almost in every part been telling us that there will be a sequel to it.
I believe it is a matter of time a second movie will be out.
I would rate it: B+

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