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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Emma Watson graduated

It's been a long time since Emma Watson burst onto the big screen as Hermione in Harry Potter. 

And just as she had graduated from the Harry Potter series into a fine lady, she has also graduated from Brown University, with a degree in English literature.

Emma Watson's selfie posted on her twitter...
A girl, blessed with good genes and brains...it's good to that she is progressing well, both in the movie scenes as well as her fashion sense.

Emma Watson was accompanied by bodyguard in the ceremony as well

When I said she got a great fashion sense, I mean it...here are some photos of Emma Watson...hopefully, she will maintain her elegance and not fall like how other famous celebrities used to...

Check out how that cute little girl transform into a beautiful and elegant lady that we see today:

And what can I said, she was already so adorable back then....super cute and adorable.

And below here are her photoshoot:

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