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Saturday, November 16, 2013

[Lyrics] Dry Your Eyes by Tim Ellis

While watching Triumph in the Sky, season 2, I notice that there is a song which is quite nice and soothing - and do a Google search, I found that the song title is Dry Your Eyes by Tim Ellis. I don't really know who this Tim Ellis is, I doubt Tim Ellis is the singer, maybe he just play one of the instrument or maybe Tim is just a short form for the girl who sang the song. I include the lyrics as well, just in case someone want to sing along.

I know how much it hurts, I've been there before
You don't have to explain about the way you feel, you can't take no more
So let me ease your pain
I know she put you down tried to push you under to make herself feel smart
Traded your love for lies just to make you suffer, yes & now you're torn apart

I can make you feel beautiful, wont you let me dry your eyes?
I can make you feel beautiful, baby don't you cry

You gave her all you had until you had nothing, except for feeling small
She took all you could give, left you alone & stumbling, while she was walking tall
She beat you down so hard the scars still ain't healing, that ain't what I call love
She hypnotised your mind and got you believing that you're just not good enough

Chorus (Repeat)

Let me in, baby just give me a chance to be a light in the dark
We can win, pull together & the nightmare will be over

I wanna love you, love you, baby let me love you, love you, so glad I love you, love you, give all my love to you (x2)

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