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Monday, June 11, 2012

Men In Black 3

Went to Gurney last two weeks and watched Men In Black 3 with a friend of mine. At first he was thinking maybe Avengers, but since I have already watched Avengers earlier, and Men In Black 3 is the next watch-able movie at the moment, we decided to give it a try. Overall, I will say Men In Black 3 still have what it takes to make me glue on the screen.

The movie begins with an alien prisoner escape from a high security space prison, and after escaping from the prison, the alien prisoner, Boris the Animal vowed to go back to the past to have revenge. Such an explosive opening to the movie which is filled with action and comedy scenes.

Back on Earth, the MIB team is cleaning up somewhere in Manhattan, while J is trying to engage in a conversation with K, but K has become more taciturn than usual. J understands that this is likely because of Z, who had recently passed away and K had been invited to write a eulogy. At the office K does a brief eulogy, delivered so flatly and shortly that J complains about the lack of emotions and all but begs him to say something good if J ever dies first. Agent O, the new head of the MIB, announces the break out on Lunarmax and gives them their next assignment. K refuses the say what happened in 1969 and so J tries to look up the archives. He learns that Boris had killed several aliens on Earth, and was arrested by K, but not much else as access is restricted. O tells J not to look and sends him and K out for their assignment.

J and K went to a Chinese restaurant to follow a lead, which ends up in a blaster fight that splits the two of them. K ended up chasing an alien until the roof where he meets Boris the Animal. Boris almost kill K, but failed to do so as J rejoin K in the final minute. Despite both agents' efforts Boris manages to escape, but not before telling K that he is "already dead".

That night, J received a call from K, but is further annoyed by K who kept silent during the phone call and then finally hang up the phone. K hears the dial tone, and pick up a gun, but faded away and his apartment is replaced with another one. Next morning, J goes to K's apartment, but he was stunned that K is not there, and rushes to the headquarters but K was no where to be found, in fact, K was already dead since 1969. Sensing J's strong craving in chocolate milk, O inform J that there might be a fracture occurred in space-time continuum - simple English, someone travel back to the past to change the history. K's death means the Earth is not shield by ArcNet and the Bogladites now invading the Earth.

To cut the story short, J travel to the past and rescue his partner and everything is back to normal. The future Boris was killed finally - in the past.

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