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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Ides of March

I am not really into politics but for some reason, I decided to watch "The Ides of March" on my iPad 2. Of course, Ryan Gosling and George Clooney played an important part for me to finish up this movie. Anyway, for the benefit of those who have never watch this movie, here is a summary.

Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling) is an idealist who's brilliant at communications: he's second in command of Governor Mike Morris's (George Clooney) presidential campaign, and he's a true believer of the man he's working for. Paul is the campaign manager for Governor Mike Morris and is a man who treasure people with the "loyalty" value. In the middle of the Ohio primary, the campaign manager of Morris's opponent asks Meyers to meet: he offers him a job. At the same time, Morris's negotiations that is being done by Paul for the endorsement of the man in third place, a South Carolina Senator, hit a snag. A young campaign intern, Molly Stearns, gets Stephen's romantic attention. Along the way, Stephen found out that Molly had a one night affair with the Governor that leads to Molly's pregnancy. In order to protect the secret, Stephen decided to help Molly in her abortion. Stephen also told Paul about his meeting with the campaign manager of Morris's opponent. (leading to him being fired). Republicans have a trick up their sleeves, Stephen may be too trusting. What's most important: career, victory, or virtue? 

I wish to share more here but I believe the impact of watching the movie is so much more different and for those of you who have yet to watch this movie, I'll say "Go buy the disc and watch it!! It's one of the best movie revolving around politics.

Watching this movie puts me into a position to reconsider my own ideals...on what is right to do...and is right really right? It also question the trust that we put on the people around us...At the end of the day, will career, victory and success takes the place above justice and virtue? 

Definitely a movie not to be missed and thumbs up to George Clooney and Ryan Gosling...they are both very fantastic in their role. And I also learn a new word from this: "Ides"...Have a good day!!

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