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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Social Network

If you are wondering what type of movies to watch, well, "The Social Network" will be the one that I suggest you to go for. Dubbed as the Facebook movie, the movie does not really portray a positive image of Mark Zuckerberg so if you are a fan of the founder of Facebook, this movie might not be suitable for you. Nevertheless, I kinda enjoy the movie...the jokes and the way the actors play their roles are amazing. I like the character that Justin Timberlake played the most. 

Well, if you have yet to watch the Social Network, I suggest you to go watch the movie with a bunch of guys...there are a lot of insults to chicks....for example, "I'm CEO, BITCH!". Well, so it's not advisable to watch with your girlfriends. Haha!! I guess that's all...this is the latest movie that I have watched in the cinema. 

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