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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Was just watching the Rambo movies once again. And really there is such a big difference with the Stallone back then and now. Those were the days when that image automatically represent a figure of a soldier, not just any soldier but one who is sharp, fast, strong and also intelligent.
In Rambo 4 however, Stallone was a shadow of himself in other Rambos and it seems more like a retired soldier. And though probably that is what it is even in the movie, it is disappointing for the fans to watch their heros grow old. A bit over exaggerated in the movie for an old man to be so active and fast.
The movies are cruel...their killings are scary and it definitely is successful in producing the image of murderous soldier.
But anyway the movie in overall is not really that good. I will said it is better for Stallone to make another movie with another title than to link it with Rambo. Well, probably it would be the last project for him...so I will said let's give him some credit for the hardwork to revive Rambo and as much as I felt it is unsuccessful I think the effort put in is good enough to keep the fans watching.
RAMBO 4....live for nothing or die for something....that is the words spoken by Rambo....don't you feel something is very wrong there?? hahaha! sorry for the sarcasm....

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