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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


If you have yet to watch "Frozen" in the cinema, now it is the time to get the Blu-ray version of the movie from Amazon and I personally think that Frozen is nice with catchy soundtracks - I like most of the soundtracks from Frozen and especially like Let It Go by Idina Menzel and kinda addicted to "Do You Want To Build a Snowman?" - the song that was sang by the three phases of Anna, from child to teenager and finally grown up.

Frozen tells about the two princesses in the Kingdom of Arendelle - Elsa and Anna, with Elsa the special one with the power to create snow and ice. One evening while the two princesses were playing, Elsa accidentally hit Anna with an ice blast knocking her unconscious. and turning several strands of her hair white. Upon discovering this, the King and Queen rush them to the group of trolls where Anna was "healed" and the troll warn them that the power that Elsa possess can be used to destroy as well if Elsa did not learn to control the power well.



And so the two sisters were separated with Anna having little knowledge why her sister suddenly shut her out of her life. I like the scene where Anna keeps trying to persuade her sister to play with her by asking her whether she want to build a snowman - and was rejected year after year, and finally one fateful day, the King and Queen had an accident and by now both girls were already grown up and so it's time for the coronation of Queen Elsa.

Anna was excited and during the preparation for the coronation of her beloved sister, she met with a handsome and charming Prince Hans and both of them fell in love. Prince Hans proposed to Princess Anna and she thought of getting the blessing from Queen Elsa which ended up Elsa disapproved and unleashed her power in front of everyone. So, she set Arendelle to eternal winter and heads to the North Mountain to stay isolated from others but Princess Anna determine to make up for everything pursue her sister and met Kristoff.

Kristoff take Princess Anna to the North Mountain where Princess Anna was hurt by Queen Elsa once again while Princess Anna trying to persuade her to go back and to stop the winter together. The trolls then told Kristoff that only true love can save Anna and they set their way back to the castle so that Princess Anna can be save by her true love; not knowing that Prince Hans plan to take the throne.

Queen Elsa ask Prince Hans to take good care of her sister but Prince Hans her that her magic killed Princess Anna. She feels so sad that she collapse and while Prince Hans was about to stab Elsa, Anna saw the action and quickly block the knife and the frozen heart finally consumes her, turning her into a statue of ice and shattering Hans' knife.

This causes Elsa to turn around, and upon seeing her sister turned to ice, she breaks down in tears, hugging her sister, saddened that she has lost Anna. No one is sure what to say, when suddenly, Anna's icy form begins to dissipate, and she returns to normal! Apparently, Anna broke her own spell, with saving her sister (an act of true love).

And finally, like most Disney's movie, they live happily ever after - the bad guy paying the price for being bad. 

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