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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[Review] "The Lone Ranger" is different

With so many movies out there, one must be wondering why I opt to watch "The Lone Ranger". Well, I guess the reason for it is simply this: Johnny Depp. Before going for the movie, I was reluctant because of the bad reviews everywhere. I don't blame those reviews because in a lot way, Depp seems to carry his "Jack Sparrow" character with him. But come to think of it, this is Johnny Depp....and this is how he act, even before Captain Jack Sparrow. It is just that once Pirates hit the top charts, it has been the comparison for all his other movies.

Anyway, back to "The Lone Ranger", I think it is a very different movie. Different in an odd manner such that most audience find it difficult to relate to. If you watch the movie, you will find that the beginning of the movie is odd enough.

Oh, and for really no reason whatsoever, the movie is framed by a very old Tonto, who now works as a living mannequin at some sort of side show. Old Tonto tells a young child about his adventures with the Lone Ranger. The violence in the movie tells us that Lone Ranger is not for kids, but the bumping back and forth between the violence shown and the humorous part of the movie makes it a little hard to digest.

In one scene, a character is getting his heart cut out and eaten; the next, Depp's Tonto is hamming it up with a horse. In one scene, cannibalistic flesh-eating rabbits devour one of their own; in the next, the aforementioned horse has just climbed a tree. Then, out of nowhere, Helena Bonham Carter starts shooting people with a gun that also happens to be her leg. I find that "The Lone Ranger" is fantastic and in fact, I would go for the movie again but I understand why it is not the "you should watch this" kind of movie. Really, the partnership between Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer is simply amazing...and the last 20 minutes of the movie is simply perfect.

Anyway, there are so many who are giving a terrible rating for Lone Ranger, but really, if you start to take the movie as it is, regardless of how odd it is, then you will start to appreciate the movie. The Lone Ranger is definitely a different kind of movie.



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