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Monday, December 31, 2012

Chinese Zodiac (2012) a.k.a Armour of God 3

The Armour of God 3 of more commonly known as Chinese Zodiac is expected to be the final movie where famous actor/stuntman Jackie Chan will perform all the stunt by himself - and so, going to the movie is sort of like a must for us. After all, I'm so used to his comical acting and stunts from all his Drunken Master series, Police Story series and even the Armour of God series.

Chinese Zodiac is about Asian Hawk, who was requested by an agent to search for the set of mystic artifacts - the 12 bronze heads of the animals from the Chinese zodiac, The movie started off in an auction for the missing artifacts and then it is known to us that selling artifacts seems to be a higly profitable business and the rich businessman intends to search for the remaining bronze heads as each head auctioned at a higher price than the previous one, and he give the extra bounty for Asian Hawk, if he is able to get the Dragon's head as well.

Asian Hawk agrees to the term and heads to get more information on the bronze heads and thus start to "steal" the bronze heads - lotsa funny scene and actions in between gathering the information of the bronze heads of the Chinese zodiac.

Overall, I would say that the movie is good, in the sense that there are many funny scenes and action scenes, although some part of the actions I would think not necessary, but then again, I'm sure that Jackie Chan is trying to promote other stars as well as sharing the scene time with them, thus including those actions. If you watch the movie, then you will know what I mean.

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