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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ip Man 2

Ip Man 2

IP MAN 2 starts with Ip Man, as well as young son and heavily pregnant wife (Xiong Dai Lin) in tow, arrives in Hong Kong. Ip establishes his own Wing Chun martial arts school but struggles to bring in students, and therefore an income for his impoverished family, until the arrogant, yet inquisitive Wong Leung (Huang Xiaoming) appears.

After Leung was beaten by Ip Man, he eventually signs up for the martial arts school along with his friends. Before long, many more people are following interest in this new fighting style. However, the other martial arts schools masters, in particular that of Hung Chun Nam (Sammo Hung), are reluctant to let Ip simply set up shop on their turf.

Leung gets himself into a fight with one of Hung's students (To Yu Hong) and is subsequently held for ransom, Ip Man is forced to face Hung and barter for his release.

The film wastes no time in getting to the action and within just a few minutes Yen clashes first with Huang Xiaoming, then rival students and street punks, culminating in a fantastic 20-on-1 melee at an abandoned fish market that brings him face-to-face with Hung.

This encounter sets up the film's centrepiece sequence, as Ip Man is invited to face all the local martial arts masters and must accept any challenge thrown at him, while fighting the whole time on a large tabletop. If he stays up long enough, he will be granted permission to run his school. Inevitably, this leads to a fantastic clash between Donnie and Sammo, as they unleash their Wing Chun and Hung Kuen on each other, all the while struggling for balance on a teetering table. Ip managed to stays up long enough and the match between the two is considered as a draw.

Although initally, it seems that the battle was between the two martial arts master but after spending some time in their next duel, Hung seems to accept Ip as a noble, humble and skillful martial arts master.

It was then that the battle switch to the Chinese and the British because when the boxing champion, Twister somehow insulted the Chinese martial arts, a boxing match between Hung and Twister was started.

It was during the match that Hung was killed. Brutally hit by Twister for so many times on the ring, Hung eventually died. Because of this, the Chinese press write some terrible stuff about the British and then as we all know, Ip Man challenge Twister for a boxing match.

The fighting scene was awesome and it is no wonder that Donnie Yen had so often been credited for his expertise in the martial arts scene. However, overall, the movie is predictable and I would remember it as just another Chinese martial art movies and nothing more.

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