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Friday, February 19, 2010

Born Rich

Well, for those of you who follow TVB series, I find that this is one of the must watch although I must say that the ending of the show was not as good as it should be.

The synopsis:
Sophisticated banker Marcus Cheuk (Ray Lui) mistakes con artist Sha Fu-loi (Gallen Lo) for his half brother Cheuk Yatming, fortuitously elevating the swindler to one of the leading figures in the banking industry. The lost and found brotherhood has blinded Marcus to Fu-loi’s real nature and intentions.

Marcus is kidnapped overseas by a group of rioters. He undergoes a dramatic personality change after the incident. His wife Connie (Jamie Chik) has tried her best to console him but still cannot help him get over the unpleasant experience. Longing for more comfort and support, Marcus gets back with his ex-lover Angie (Kenix Kwok). Connie is heartbroken to learn about the affair and it has left the broken mirror that can't be mended.

The identity of Cheuk Yatming gives Fu-loi not only a sense of family warmth but also a sweet taste of romance. He finds himself in love with Marcus's younger sister Rene (Anita Yuen). Rene is also attracted to Fu-loi, but thinking that they are true biological siblings, she decides to keep her love under wraps and stays with her long-term admirer Topman (Joe Ma) instead. Later on, Yatming kisses her and, thinking that her brother loves her in the wrong way, goes to Sabah to try forget about Yatming.Topman follows her there and they fall back in love after Topman finds the ring she throws into the ocean. This comes as a huge blow to Fu-loi. He is not willing to lose his love, but neither can he reveal his real identity. Caught up in the dilemma between love and money, Fu-loi finally chooses the fortune road of no return.

It is all about a tough battle for money, a devious triangle of love, and a severe challenge to ethics.

Well, the story aside, I also love the soundtrack of this song.

Below is the lyrics:

In Mandarin:

差一剎的地老天荒《富貴門》主題曲 - 羅嘉良

追追 趕趕 推推 撞撞
目空一切 理想燒光
真真 假假 跌過 痛過
愛的花火 賜給我願與望
天黑 天光 天清 天蒼
曾經廝守 暗地嚮往
可惜這夜 煙花已謝 沒法被仰望
差一剎 我信地老天荒
只差一步 欲望幻化星光
誰和誰存活愛 誰和誰埋沒愛
我怕就怕 失望
所有代價 統統捨割
抹去害怕 撕掉希罕
真假如浮雲 天也在看

Translated into English:

On the Verge of Eternity
By: Gallen Lo

Chasing, Rushing, Pushing, Bumping into
Considers everyone and everything, ideal is burnt out
Real, fake, fallen before, hurt before
Love’s sparks have given me wish and hope

Dark sky, bright sky, clear sky, gray sky
Once accompanied together, secretly yearned for
Pity that this night, fireworks have stopped, no way of looking up to it
*On the verge of believing in Eternity
Only fallen short one step, desire for illusion turns into star light
Who with whom lives in love, who with whom buries love
Where are the heavens?

If I am scared, it will be because of disappointment
The rest I have no vain
All the consequences are completely cut away
Heart/ blood (efforts) all leaked away

Erase the fear, tear away the rarity
Only when you forget love, can you swim to shore
In my life, can’t forge out the cause and effect
Truth and false like floating clouds, the sky is also watching

And for those who do not know Mandarin and would love to know how to sing the song based on Pin Yin (for example, people like me...):

Cha Yat Chaat Di Dei Lou Tin Fong:

Jeui jeui gon gon cheui cheui jong jong
Muk hung yat chai lei seung siu gwong
Jan jan ga ga dit gwo tung gwo
Ngoi di fa fo ji kap ngo yun yu mong
Tin haak tin gwong tin ching tin chong
Chang ging si sau am dei heung wong
Ho sik je ye yin fa yi je mut faat bei yeung mong
Cha yat chaat ngo seun dei lou tin fong
Ji cha yat bou yuk mong waan fa sing gwong
Seui wo seui chyun wut ngoi seui wo seui maai mut ngoi
Tin tong joi na fong 
Ngo pa jau pa sat mong
Kei yu yat chai ya bat wong
So yau doi ga tung tung se got sam hyut dou lau gwong
Maat heui hoi pa si diu hei hon
Mong ching choi yau dou bei ngon
Ngo meng leui jyun bat cheut yan gwo
Jan ga yu fau wan tin ya joi hon

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